Minimalist Swivel Stairs; Strengths, Weaknesses, and 5 Model Inspirations


Want the house to have an unusual impression? Presenting a swivel staircase in it could be one solution. Stairs with a minimalist and modern look can give your home its own color and characteristics. However, before you decide to use this ladder in your home, you must know some of the advantages and disadvantages first.

Advantages of Rotary Ladder

Here are some of the advantages of a rotary staircase that may later be in your home:
Save Space

This type of ladder can save space in your home. Therefore, the swivel ladder is suitable to be presented in a small minimalist style house. Presenting a swivel staircase only takes up 45 square meters of space. This staircase is suitable for those of you who don’t want to continue to use traditional stairs.

Adding Visual Appeal to the Home

The existence of a swivel staircase has succeeded in adding visual appeal to a minimalist home. Although this ladder may look complicated, it is actually quite easy to assemble. This complicated side is part of the charm of the spiral staircase. In addition, the installation of a swivel staircase can save you time and money, while making your home look unique, fun and modern.

More Attractive Than Traditional Stairs

In appearance, the swivel staircase looks more attractive than the traditional staircase. Human interest in the aesthetic value of this spiral staircase stems from the fact that apparently the human brain is attracted to the shape of the curve.

Scientists have conducted research on humans, where they were asked to choose a linear or curved object. The object of Pool table games research repeatedly chooses curved objects. In addition, psychologist Oshin Vartanian from the University of Toronto at Scarborough has conducted a similar study. He shows 200 images of linear and curved interiors on the research object. Then it can be concluded that the curved architectural component is considered much better.

Rotating Ladder Provides Access to Light

The existence of a spiral staircase can make the light “flow”. In contrast to traditional stairs which tend to block the flow of light around the house or apartment. The swivel ladder allows light to filter through the wrought iron. Therefore, this staircase really complements an open-concept dwelling and can make a small area look bigger than its actual size.

More Durable

The swivel ladder is more durable because of the material it uses. Generally, this ladder is made of metal, not wood, so it has a much better weight. These ladders can last almost a lifetime, whereas traditional ladders can break down after a decade or so.

You won’t be knocked down to the bottom of the stairs

If you fall on this ladder, you won’t fall as far as you would on a traditional ladder. The grooves on the swivel ladder can prevent someone who slips from slipping all the way to the bottom of the ladder.

Disadvantages of Rotary Ladder

Here are some of the disadvantages of a rotary ladder:

Prone to Slip

Over time, you will indeed get used to the swivel staircase model that has a pole in the middle. However, the shape of the steps of this ladder is narrowed at the axis of the pillar and only has a handrail on one side. That is why, a minimalist swivel staircase can make you slip if you are not careful.

To prevent this, it is recommended that you practice going up and down the rotary ladder if you are not familiar with this one ladder model. Make sure when going up and down this spiral staircase, you see where your feet are landing. Walk slowly, grip the banister firmly, and don’t try to carry anything heavy with you.

Slightly Steep

Not everyone is suited to the steep nature of the spiral staircase. Elderly people and those who have difficulty walking will find it more difficult to climb this type of ladder than traditional stairs. Although the potential for falling to the bottom of the stairs is very small, falling from a spiral staircase can cause serious injury to elderly people.

Need Security Guarantee for Children

Make sure this swivel ladder is safe for children. Small children will certainly have a little difficulty climbing the spiral staircase, especially those that have a model around a pillar in the middle. You can put up a guardrail to ensure your child doesn’t try to climb up and down these stairs without guidance.

Difficult to Move Large Items

Moving items that are quite large and heavy are a bit difficult if you have to go through a rotary ladder. If you have a small house and choose this type of ladder to save space, this is not a problem.

However, if you have a larger house with large furniture, you need to rethink when you want to bring a swivel staircase to your home.

Minimalist Rotating Stairs Inspiration

After you understand the advantages and disadvantages of this swivel staircase model, it’s time for you to gather inspiration for the minimalist swivel staircase that is most suitable for your residence. Here are some examples:

#1 Minimalist Rotating Staircase with White Color and Wood Elements

Those of you who crave a minimalist home with the dominance of white color and the presence of wood elements can present this one swivel staircase. Although it looks simple, the clean impression is strongly conveyed by this swivel staircase. The combination of white and warm wood elements gives residents a sense of calm.

#2 Presence of Stainless Steel Material on Rotary Stairs

The spiral staircase in this minimalist residence is in the kitchen that leads to the outdoor terrace. A modern impression emanates from this staircase made of steel. The existence of this swivel staircase matches the kitchen area which has a smooth polished concrete floor.

#3 Minimalist Rotating Stairs in Apartments in Montreal, Canada

This minimalist spiral staircase is in an apartment in Montreal, Canada. Designed by Anne Sophie Goneau, this stairwell apartment has a bright and open feel. One of the residents’ desires is to optimize the area, that’s why this spiral staircase is presented in the apartment.

#4 Unique Rotating Stairs in a House in Lisbon, Portugal

A small house in Lisbon, Portugal, chose to present this minimalist white swivel staircase. This ladder is placed in the back area of the house and serves to connect the four floors in this house. The white color on the stairs not only makes it look clean, but also makes this staircase look quite elegant.

#5 Cantilevered Rotary Ladder for Homes in Cornwall, UK

This staircase is presented in a house in the Cornwall area, England. It exists not only as a complement, but as the main interior element that continues access from the entrance. The steps of this swivel staircase are made of stone imported directly from Germany. The impression created by this staircase is light and airy.

That’s a complete explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of a rotary ladder, as well as the inspiration for a minimalist model. You just need to adjust the swivel staircase with what kind of model you want to present in your minimalist home?